Aligarh is situated at a distance of 130 kms, South-East of Delhi on Delhi-Calcutta Railway and Grand Trunk Road route. The latitude is 27054'N and longitude is 7805'. The climate is hot and dry in summer and cool and dry in winter with an intervening rainy season.

The city of Aligarh is usually referred to as Koil, or Kol. It is situated between eastern region of west U.P. and in middle of Ganga - Yamuna Doab. At its North-Eastern Border, Yamuna River desects it form Haryana Sate. Mathura district is on its South and South-Western side And Etah is on is on East and South Eastern side. Bulandshahar is on its South and Ganga in the South-East seperates it from Budaun. Its East-West length is 112Km. and North-South length is 80Km. Its area is 5062Sq.Km.

Aligarh is known for the its university known as the Aligarh Muslim University, World famous LOCKS and now, for the export of Brass, Builderhardwares and Artwares. It is one of the largest district for Cottage Industries. Aligarh is the name of a nearby fort. The city, an agricultural trade centre, is located in central Uttar Pradesh.

The history of ALIGARH city and district is not only related with the rise and fall of the cultural and political history of middle Ganga-Yamuna Doab but it represents it too. Krishna Mohan Shrimali has accepted in in his book "Panchaal ka Itihaas" (The history of Panchaal) that middle Ganga-Yamuna Doab where Aligarh is situated was the place of Aj-shigru and Yachchhu etc. unaarya casts in Rigvedic age. According to one notion The name of this city "Kol" is for the Kolasur reign in this region.
It is very difficult to comment on the basis of archeology that when was aligarh city founded but it is a fact that todays "Upper Fort" (Bala-e-Quila) is situated at very old and high Tilla and have residues of very old ages.


Shree Varshney Mandir:
The temple of Lord Yogiraj Shree Krishna , Varshney Kul-pravartak Shree Akroorji and other Hindu Deities is one of the Best Visiting Place of Aligarh. It is situated at the road side of Aligarh-Kanpur G.T.Road, Aligarh and can be sighted in almost full from Naurangabad Flyover Aligarh.
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Is known to be the Asia's largest pilgrimage of the Jains. Spread over acres of ground, it is situated on Aligarh-Agra Road.

Aligarh Muslim University :
Aligarh is best known today for its Aligarh Muslim University, where the thoughts of having a separate Islamic nation found ground. This is a premier Central University with several Faculties and maintained Institutions and draws students from all corners of the country as well as from foreign countries, specially Africa, West Asia, and South East Asia.

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Aligarh Fort:
The Aligarh Fort is three kms north of the town and in its present form, dates back to 1524. Originally, it was under Moghul rule but after the death of Aurangzeb, it was conficated by the Afgans and later on passed on to Jats, Marathas, Rohillas and finally in 1803, it came under the British.

Dor Fortress:
The ruins of an old fort built in 1524, the site of which is now occupied by an 18th century mosque, is also located here. Buddhist and Hindu temples of great antiquity are also found here.


The place is well connected by rail.
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A network of road transport connects the city to the important places.

Local Transport:
Metro bus service, cycle rickshaws, auto rickshaws, taxis.