Aligarh Muslim University - A dream of a visionary!!!

      The Aligarh Muslim University is a residential Academic Institution which was established in 1920. Sir Syed Ahmad Khan a great reformer of his age who felt the need of modern education for Muslims, started a school as far back as 1875 which later became a College under the title of Mohammadan Anglo-Oriental College and ultimately became a University in 1920. It is now a well-known University of International repute having a variety of modern and traditional Faculties.

      Sir Syed Ahmed Khan, an illustrations son of India, founded the Institution with the primary objective of removing the educational backwardness and spreading modern education specially amongst Muslims and Indians at large. He faced stiff resistance from both Hindus as well as Muslims. The Hindus felt the tilt was towards Muslims, while the latter felt this ’Experimentation’ was Unislamic. In this task he saught the cooperation of all the communities and the institution was open to all irrespective of caste creed or religion. He wrote, "In consideration of the fact that we (Hindus and Muslim) belong to the same country, we are a nation, and the progress and the usefulness of the country, and both of us, depend on our unity, mutual sympathy and love." It is not surprising that the first graduate of this Institution was a Hindu. For Sir Syed Khan it was impossible to concieve of the growth and progress of India without a simultaneous development of all communities in harmony, brotherhood and cooperation.

      This is a premier Central University with several Faculties and maintained Institutions and draws students from all corners of the country as well as from foreign countries, specially Africa, West Asia, and South East Asia. In some courses seats are reserved for students from SAARC and Commonwealth countries . The university is open to all irrespective of caste ,color, creed or sex.

      Aligarh has always been a unique example of the marriage of Modernity and Tradition. Aligarh is the reason why Muslims all over the world are given a remote chance of growing academically. For it inspired education institutions on the similar lines.

      There have been instances of vandalism. And real gruesome ones for that matter. Inspite of it all, the best part about Aligarh is the cultural training, a sense of brotherhood, a respect for seniors, etiquettes and a certain decorum which one won’t find almost anywhere else. That’s the USP. And that’s the reason an Aligarian always does well no matter where he is. Anywhere in the world.